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Airport Baggage Carousel
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Airport Baggage Handling Systems
Airport Baggage Carousel
Robson Airport Baggage Handling Carousel
Robson carousel

A Robson Airport Baggage Handling Carousel provides an endless surface which baggage can be displayed prior to reclaim. A combination of straight and radius sections gives the Robson carousel the flexibility to form different types of shapes such as T, U, O, L most shapes can be accommodated depending on available space.

Rigidly constructed on to a 6mm mild steel sub-frame, choices of galvanised or powder coated mild steel or x240 grit finish stainless steel casings are available.

With a nominal speed of 0.45 metres per second and having all fixings internal to the casing resulting with no protruding items plus integral Kick Plates the Robson Airport Baggage Handling Carousel ensures the safety of all uses, Baggage Handlers or Passengers.

The conveying surface comprises of overlapping flexible rubber slats, supported on the underside by steel carriers, this gives a user friendly surface that eliminates finger traps, whist having a strong support able to withstand heavy luggage. With a choice of finishing materials, the Robson Airport Baggage Handling Carousel is ideal for Land Side or Air Side service. Available with Caterpillar Chain or Friction Drive units to suit customer requirements.

Airport Baggage Handling Carousel
Baggage Handling Carousel
Baggage Conveyor systems
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