5th June, 2017

Dust emission is a major factor when designing and manufacturing conveyor systems due to the environmental impact. Dust emissions can be very costly and when potentially explosive materials are used, such as Biomass, Sugar and Grain, it creates a potentially explosive atmosphere.

Contamination of the material conveyed can have detrimental effects, with serious health and financial consequences. Spillages and emissions also result in costly housekeeping.

Robson Solution
Robson conveyors are ATEX certified which creates a safe method for transporting potentially explosive material. Certified through construction safety and control of ignition sources.

To further enhance the products that we provide, we have undertaken third party testing and approval to ensure the sealing technology performs to IP64, the Ingress Protection rating. With the conveyed material protected from the outside elements, and the local environment protected from dust emissions from the conveyor.

IP Number - IP64
First Digit – Solids
Protected from total dust ingress.
Second Digit – Liquids
Protected from water spray from any direction.

Products include the Airglide, Bucket Elevator, Lump Breaker and Screw Conveyor.

Benefits of ATEX and IP64
Stuart Westley, Robson Sales Director stated, “We are delighted to add IP64 approval as a further product endorsement. It is key when quality, safety and costs are paramount to our customers.”

Continuous Quality:
Removes serious health and financial ramifications which result from contamination.

Increased Safety:
Protects your workforce and the environment from hazards of entrapment and/or spillages.

Cost Saving:
With no spillages, containment significantly reduces time and costs that are associated with housekeeping.