25th May, 2023


Revolutionize Your Conveyor System with Airglide!

Introducing Airglide: Redefining Efficiency in Belt Conveying. Our revolutionary air supported belt conveyor transforms the way you handle bulk materials. Say goodbye to friction and hello to seamless transportation.

By utilizing air pressure to break surface contact, Airglide provides efficient, low friction conveying of bulk products. Experience minimal friction and extended belt life with our innovative design. Key components are externally mounted for easy maintenance and hassle-free operation.

No more product agitation! The cushion of air reduces material disturbance, delivering higher quality materials and creating cleaner, quieter working environments.

Airglide's fully enclosed system ensures a healthier workplace by minimizing dust release. It's UKEX, ATEX & IECEx certified for Zones 22 & 21, meeting the highest safety standards for potentially explosive environments. With fewer moving parts, Airglide offers exceptional reliability and reduced maintenance requirements.

Seamless installation made easy! The modular design and standard 3-meter sections, externally flanged for effortless installation and maintenance, provide flexibility and adaptability. Pre-drilled holes streamline the setup process, making installation a breeze.

Discover a superior solution for bulk material handling with Airglide. Experience higher material quality, lower product contamination, reduced noise levels, and increased operational efficiency. Contact us today to explore how Airglide can revolutionize your conveyor system and elevate your productivity. Ready to soar to new heights?

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