8th January, 2018

Combining Robson’s reputation for delivering turnkey baggage handling systems with BB Computerteknikk’s innovative solutions and extensive self-service expertise.

Stuart Westley, Sales Director at Robson Handling Technology, commented “We are tremendously excited about our partnership with BB Computerteknikk. This further strengthens our baggage handling portfolio and we look forward to working with our UK and Ireland Airport customers to achieve their expansion plans with innovative self-bag drop solutions”

BB Computerteknikk self-service bag-drop is the quickest on the market, which provides significant benefits to the key stakeholders:

  • Airports: Providing a much more efficient passenger flow along with a cost-effective way of increasing airport throughput and capacity.
  • Airlines: Delivering a higher quality of service to passengers, at the same time as reducing overheads.
  • Passengers: Giving passengers a faster, more convenient check-in process for hassle free travelling.

Jørn Askvik, Business Development Director at BB Computerteknikk, said "Our aim is to provide the UK and Ireland with a solution that brings a tangible benefit to the industry. With Robson Handling Technology localized expertise and knowledge, and our tried and tested solution with over 150 systems in operation, we now look forward to offering these shared benefits."

For more information please contact:

Stuart Westley Sales Director – Robson Handling Technology, Phone +44 7743 289 400 westleys@robson.co.uk

Marius Brobeck Regional Sales Manager – BB Computerteknikk AS, Phone +47 922 36 070 Marius.Brobeck@bbc.no