23rd May, 2023


At Robson, our innovatively designed welded stub shafts set our Screw Conveyors apart. Say goodbye to costly loosening and shearing—our shafts deliver unmatched reliability and durability.

Our Screw Conveyors offer an impressive length of up to 14 meters, hangar bearing-free. Enjoy extended lifespan and reduced maintenance—a hassle-free solution for your material handling needs.

Our fully sealed construction guarantees material integrity. Whether conveying, elevating, or mixing, our natural baffle design and fully guarded structure prevent product contamination.

Robson Screw Conveyors utilise externally mounted bearings to eliminate contamination risks. We understand the importance of purity, especially in Food, Chemicals, Biomass, and Cement industries.

With over a century of application experience, we bring unparalleled knowledge and expertise to your business. From stand-alone conveyors to turnkey solutions, Robson has you covered.

Spanning from 200mm to 1,500mm in diameter and up to 12 meters in length without hanger bearings, our Screw Conveyors ensure seamless operation and optimal performance.

Robson Screw Conveyors deliver exceptional material integrity and cleanliness. Choose from multiple welded flight designs for your specific needs. Our externally mounted bearings and seal options provide superior containment.

For industries dealing with explosive atmospheres, our UKEX, ATEX & IECEx approved Screw Conveyor for Zones 22 & 21 ensures safety and compliance.

Experience engineered excellence in bulk material handling—choose Robson Screw Conveyors. Contact us today to discuss your needs and benefit from our unrivalled expertise.

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