20th June, 2023

In a dynamic era of aviation advancements, Urban-Air Port, Robson Handling Technology, and iCONiCARGO proudly announce their strategic collaboration aimed at propelling the development of eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing) and drone logistics.

This partnership brings together industry leaders dedicated to revolutionizing the transportation of goods and people through Remotely Piloted Cargo Aircraft (RPCA) in an efficient, eco-friendly, and safe & secure manner.

Dr. Sally Dixon from iCONiCARGO, notes that this collaboration will establish state-of-the-art "ready to fly" facilities, equipped with cutting-edge technology and logistic systems at the forefront of global progress in the sector. These facilities will serve as mobility and logistics innovation hubs to facilitate the swift and seamless transit of parcels, packages, and post to destinations worldwide.

At the heart of this initiative lies Urban-Air Port's game-changing Air One demonstrator vertiport, initially unveiled in Coventry in 2022, and now further developed for deployment anywhere across the globe. This pioneering solution now incorporates fully automated logistics drop-off and pick-up collection points, allowing for rapid transportation of cargo. The overwhelming response received during the showcase in Coventry solidifies UAP's position as a trailblazer in the eVTOL and drone logistics arena.

Urban-Air Port's analysis shows that drone logistics from their ‘City Box’ and ‘Docks Box’ droneports will be at least 33% better than the emissions from the UK middle mile logistics fleet in 2025. This will be further improved as Urban-Air Port works towards 100% renewables with on-site energy generation and storage with its world-leading energy partners.

Andrea Wu, Chief Executive Officer of Urban-Air Port, said,

"The level of interest in our Air One installation demonstrating its logistics capabilities in Coventry city centre was staggering -with over 150 successful cargo drone flights in a complex airspace environment, and over 15,000 visitors witnessing how our Vertical Airfield technology enabled safe, reliable and quick turnaround of flights. Urban-Air Port is now proud to be spearheading the next generation of end-to-end drone logistics with further pilot projects of our logistics-dedicated City Box and Docks Box solutions – that we believe will dramatically change the way we transport cargo around our cities and how the world perceives and become accustomed to cargo drones.”

Joining forces with Urban-Air Port, Robson Handling Technology brings a wealth of expertise in airport specialist systems design, installation, and integration. Together with the logistics cargo reference robotic designs provided by iCONiCARGO, this collaboration represents a significant innovation and capability in the aviation industry.

Stuart Westley, Managing Director of Robson Handling Technology, said, "We are thrilled to partner with Urban-Air Port to deliver 'ready to fly' facilities, combining our extensive experience and cutting-edge technologies."

As the aviation landscape continues to evolve, this tri-lateral collaboration sets a new standard for the future of logistics. By leveraging the collective expertise of Urban-Air Port, Robson Handling Technology, and ICONICARGO, the development of eVTOL and drone logistics is poised to reach unprecedented heights.

Angus Benson-Blair, one of UK’s most experienced drone pilot who recently joined Urban-Air Port’s Board of Advisors said,

“From a pilot’s perspective the ability to land or take off from a known location in a complex urban environment where the risks are properly managed is vital. Before Urban-Air Port, this was a problem needing a rapid solution.  With Urban-Air Port’s City Box and Docks Box, we now have that solution, and today’s announcement is a huge step forward in enabling them to deliver this vital component of viable large scale drone operations.”


About Urban-Air Port®

Urban-Air Port Limited is an award-winning eVTOL vertiport infrastructure designer, developer and operator. We are a technology, design and IP-rich company with proven world-leading experience in delivering fully integrated and operational vertiport systems. Our world-leading ecosystem of partners and supply chain are some of the biggest names in aerospace, energy, mobility, logistics, electric aviation and eVTOL, planning, architecture & engineering, fabrication & construction and airport operations. Urban-Air Port's City Box and Docks Box are set to revolutionize the industry by offering fully automated logistics solutions.

Contact: Darryn Holder, Head of Planning & Partnerships Email: darryn.holder@urbanairport.com  

About Robson Handling Technology

Robson Handling Technology is a trusted provider of airport specialist systems design, installation, and integration. Their expertise and cutting-edge solutions contribute to the advancement of aviation logistics.

Contact: Stuart Westley, Managing Director Email: stuart.westley@robson.co.uk


iCONiCARGO specializes in logistics cargo reference robotic designs, driving innovation in the field of Remotely Piloted Cargo Aircraft (RPCA). Through their collaborative efforts, ICONICARGO aims to transform the transportation of goods and people globally.

Dr Sally Dixon MBA PhD MRAeS FCILT, Principal, ICONICARGO Email: sallydixon@iconicargo.com

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