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Power Generation - Conveyor Systems

Robson Handling Technology, specialises in conveyor systems for the bulk handling of solid fuels for the power generation industry. As a leading provider of turnkey intake, transfer, storage and reclaim conveyor systems for Biomass fuels & Alternative fue

Our flexible and solution-based approach to helping our Power Generation customers, is only possible through our system knowledge, experience and dedication to designing and manufacturing, well-engineered, well-built conveyor machinery. We pride ourselves on decades of successful, on-time on-budget project delivery. Achieving our goal for total customer satisfaction, through partnership and continuous improvement.

Environment and Safety:
Green issues, legal requirements and the demands of the industry itself are a growing challenge. Robson Handling Technology applies its engineering skills to the design of Biomass Handling Conveyor Systems, dust extraction equipment and low noise level, controlled extraction and venting systems that provide safer environments. Additionally, we design and build conveyor systems to load, unload, process and screen highly abrasive materials such as Biomass, wood chip or shredded wood.

Robson's range of bulk conveyors are suited to the industry. Strong robust designs, coupled with a vast industry and engineering experience, ensure the customer is provided with the best solution possible for the application.

Consideration of dust control is a must in a modern workplace, with legislation and health and safety at the forefront. Robson incorporate dust control measures in to the design when required, ensuring a clean safe working environment.

Measures include;

  • Dust Curtains
  • Extraction points
  • Reverse Jet Extraction

Biomass is the current leading power generation fuel, with traditional coal burning stations converting to biomass, extra safety factors need to be implemented.  

Robson ATEX rated conveying products are designed to suit the power generation application and environment, products are available ATEX rated for use with flammable dusts and explosive atmospheres created by Biomass dust.

Category 1 for Dust Zones 20 (Internal)
Category 2 for Dust Zones 21
Category 3 for Dust Zones 22