NPI's Semi-Automated Bulk Singulator is designed to solve the challenge of converting bulk into singulated flow for automated parcel processing.

Historically, this has been done manually or with expensive, large footprint automated solutions, but with the Semi-Automated Bulk Singulator, production flows of up to 7,000 PPH are possible, handling a wide array of product types from polybags to boxes.

The semi-automated design allows for the system to be operated with 1 or 2 operators depending on workflow requirements. It includes a semi-automatic induction table, independent power control panel, PLC, and NPI's touch screen operator control panel.

Singulator Features and Benefits
Converts parcel bulk flow into a single stream for efficient product flow
Integrate into existing warehouse solutions

Maximising floor space utilisation

Operational by one or two operators depending on workflow requirements
Runs in various modes for singulation based on product type

Including fast automatic induction, slow automatic induction, and manual pull mode

Handles flats, boxes, and poly bags

Providing a single system for sorting multiple product types

Adjustable belt speeds allow for working at a preferred pace
Integrated eStop system for safety and emergency situations
Cost-effective solution with a small footprint
Touch screen operator control panel for easy and intuitive operation

The Semi-Automated Bulk Singulator has various modes to optimise induction based on product type, including fast automatic induction, slow automatic induction, and manual pull mode.

Programmable options on the touch screen operator control panel make it easy for employees to switch between modes based on the product type, optimising flow.

The system can also be used to feed a single induction lane or split the load between two lanes by smart-sensing available space on each lane and directing product flow accordingly.

Technical Specification
Technical Specification

Download our factsheet to read more about the technical specifications and benefits of using NPI Semi Automated Bulk Singulator for your parcel processing requirements.

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