Introducing the groundbreaking NPI Vsort, the new face of flat-sorting technology that's taking the industry by storm.

Boasting a leading throughput that can handle letters and flats up to .6" thick, the Vsort is the ultimate solution for your sorting needs. But, more importantly, it's the key to unlocking your company's potential for improved profits.

With its cutting-edge patented anti-jam technology and lightning-fast speed, the Vsort dramatically reduces the need for human intervention, resulting in significant cost savings for your business. At the end of the day, it's all about your bottom line, and the Vsort delivers in spades.

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to take your company's efficiency and profitability to new heights with the NPI Vsort.

NPI Vsort Features & Benefits
Throughputs up to 24,000 letters and 18,000 flats per hour
Top performing Multi-Line Optical Character Reader (MLOCR)

With text and handwritten capabilities

Omni-Directional software-based barcode reader

Processes IMB, two-dimensional and linear barcodes

Processes flats up to 0.6” thick
Advanced sweep-less chute design
User-friendly diagnostic tools
Sorter pocket design leverages patented anti-jam technology

For more reliable processing

Flexible stacker design

Allows for pockets, chutes or a combination of both

Transmission-free, direct-drive system

Reduces power consumption, downtime, and decibel level

Optional integrated conveyor reduces labour
Modular design

Provides the ability to accommodate future growth by adding more chutes and/or pockets

New Optesuite postal and analytics software package
Configured for incoming and outgoing mail operations
Physical Mail Characteristics
Physical Mail Characteristics
LENGTH Min 5″ (127 mm) / Max 11.5″ (292 mm)
HEIGHT Min 3.5″ (88.9 mm) / Max 6.375″ (161.9 mm)
THICKNESS Min 0.007″ (.178 mm) / Max 0.25″ (6.35 mm)
FEED TABLE Standard capacity: 30″
STACKER MODULE Pocket capacity: 16″ (406 mm) of mail per bin
PICK-OFF RATE Up to 20,000 mailpieces per hour
READER TRANSPORT UNIT Mounting provisions for Reader Camera
Technical Specification
Technical Specification

Download our factsheet to read more about the technical specifications and benefits of using NPI Vsort for your letter and flat parcel sorting requirements.

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