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Baggage Cart

Features & Benefits

Allows the flexibility to automatically move a slug of 25-30 carts between airside and landside or between floors from Departure to Arrivals and vice versa.

The Baggage Cart conveyor uses two types of conveying technologies, firstly a flat conveyor textured grip belt, which transports the carts and secondly dual chain conveyors mounted on opposite sides of the system hold the carts in place, preventing them from rolling away or separating while traveling the 40º incline to reach the upper or lower floors.

Used together with synchronized roller shutter doors the conveyor can span from landside of the airport, which is the normal passenger terminal across to the baggage reclaim which is classed as a secure area because of the access to the aircraft. The synchronized roller shutter doors ensure no one can bypass the stringent airport security checks.

The complex design of the Baggage Cart Conveyor also caters for a change in the dimensions of the carts. Special adjustable sliding supports are installed to enable the alteration of the width of the conveyor that allows for cart upgrades and carts from different suppliers.

Features and Benefits

Lower Maintenance cost
Modular and durable design.
Significant savings in relation to spare part inventory requirements and costly downtime.
Increased Safety
Interlocked and fully enclosed within a weld mesh and mild steel frame to prevent access to moving parts.
Increased operator safety.
Guaranteed Quality
Decades of airport experience. Manufactured by highly skilled engineers.
Durability and longevity of equipment, equating to lower maintenance costs.
Innovatively Designed Layout Solutions
Reduced footprint. Small and light design and structure.
Greater throughput and efficiency. Innovative design for complex and compact spaces.
Reduced Lead-Time
Flexibility and responsiveness to meet tight project deadlines.
Minimum disruption to ongoing airport operations.
Aftermarket Support
Call out support, 24 hour help line, maintenance support, refurbishment service and spare part inventory.
Increased product life and avoidance of costly downtime, equating to long- term cost savings.