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Vertical Divert

Features & Benefits

The Vertical Diverter can route bags from a single source to one of two routes,

The Robson Verti-Divert is a vertical diverting unit designed for use within Airport Baggage Handling Conveyor Systems for "in-line" X-ray and line diversion solutions. It is developed to divert cleared and uncleared bags to low and high-level collector conveyors stationed above one another.

The Robson Verti-Divert is rated for 25 bags per minute and is based on current maximum Level 1 X-ray throughputs; the 25 bags per minute can be down rated for lower throughput levels.

The unit utilises three standard queuing conveyors built from standard components.

The three queuing conveyors are mounted within a steel support frame, fixed to the floor. Conveyors A & B pivot on bearings mounted to the frame and are moved via a mechanical link mechanism driven by a timing belt connected to a geared motor drive unit. This drive unit is in turn controlled via an inverter unit.

The stationary Conveyor 'C' transports baggage away from the Verti-divert.

The inverter unit is used to give a smooth controlled motion to conveyors A + B during the pivoting action. It also allows a variance in speed for the motion. The 3 standard queue conveyors run at high speed to give maximum bag travel speed through the unit.

Manual controls allow inching movement of conveyors A + B minimising downtime in the event of jams.

The Verti-Divert Conveyor is guarded with both weld mesh and mild steel plate guarding to suit site conditions.

Foot Print

2500mm x 2000mm


Mild Steel

Finish Choice

Galvanised / Stainless Steel /powder coated to customers specified RAL.


25 BPM


Geared Motor Unit 2.2kW

Drive Mechanism

Pivot mechanism with Actuator Arms

Emergency Control

Estops - Light Curtain - Interlocks - Restricted Access Guards


Features and Benefits

Lower Maintenance Cost
Modular and durable design.
Significant savings in relation to spare part inventory requirements and costly downtime.
Increased Safety
Guarded to prevent access to moving parts.
Increased operator safety.
Guaranteed Quality
Decades of airport experience. Manufactured by highly skilled engineers.
Durability and longevity of equipment, equating to lower maintenance costs.
Innovatively Designed Layout Solutions
Design of dynamic, efficient baggage handling systems for compact and complex spaces.
Delivering solutions within budget, hand in hand with increased Airport efficiency.
Reduced Lead-Time
Flexibility and responsiveness to meet tight project deadlines.
Minimum disruption to on going airport operations
Aftermarket Support
Call out support, 24 hour help line, maintenance support, refurbishment service and spare part inventory.
Increased product life and avoidance of costly downtime, equating to long-term cost savings.