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Tagomat® - Remote Self Tagging

Features & Benefits

ONLINE CHECK-IN, LAPTOP, TABLET, MOBILE, Passenger check-in via devices online

Closely aligned with todays travel patterns the Tagomat simplifies self-tagging by providing the airport with a mobile and quick bag tag solution.
Passengers quickly scan their electronic boarding pass get their bag tags in 10 seconds - providing a more seamless start to their journey.

Tagomat® enhances the passenger experience by providing the “ready to go” feeling. Airports benefit from passengers spending less time in non-commercial areas of the airport. Voted as a solution that can improve today’s airport experience.

  • Quick - bag tag available in 10 seconds
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Mobile – small in size and wireless



Features and Benefits

Minimal Maintenance
Modular and durable design.
Small foot print
Guaranteed Quality
Manufactured by highly skilled engineers.
Durability and longevity of equipment,
Innovatively Designed Solutions
Adding to the customer's complete convenience experience
saving time and delays at airport Check In