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Air Supported Belt Conveyor

Features & Benefits

Using a cushion of air to support the loaded belt, the Robson Airglide brings economic, efficiency and environmental advantages to your business.

No internal rollers or bearings – Low maintenance – ATEX Certified – IP64 Sealed

A cleaner, safer, more efficient conveying technology

The Robson ‘Airglide’ air-supported belt conveyor is a development of the traditional belt conveyor, which instead of having belt-carrying idlers and rollers, employs a cushion of air to support the loaded belt over its full length. The air-supported belt conveyor is a cleaner, safer and more energy efficient method of belt conveying when compared to traditional belt conveyors.

How it works

Small fan units supply low-pressure, filtered air to the plenum below the belt support trough. Low-pressure air then passes through the plenum at regular spacings between the belt support trough and the belt, creating a cushion of air which breaks the friction between belt and trough. Fan spacings are typically every 30m, and the belt is driven by the main drive motor. The Robson Airglide can be used in applications from short distances to hundreds of metres in length.

Modular by design

The air-supported belt conveyor design uses the latest sheet metal fabrication technology, providing strong but lightweight construction. Sections are generally pre-assembled and delivered to site as head, tail, 3m intermediate sections, and variable length make-up sections, all designed to bolt together quickly and cost-effectively to form the requisite length of conveyor.

Sealed to IP64

Each casing section is sealed with self-adhesive sealing tape between the joints, and sealing is certified to IP64. This high standard of sealing ensures containment of product and dust, and prevents the ingress of moisture, insects etc. It is also an important factor in the ATEX compliance of the design.

Built to last

The robust and weatherproof materials, and the design of the Robson Airglide Conveyor, ensures the conveyor will last, and that the product is safe. The design makes the Airglide suitable for installation in open or enclosed gantries.

Airglides are available ATEX rated for use in explosive atmospheres and flammable dusts.

ATEX Classification zones exist for explosive hazards like dust and fibres: -

• Zone 20 - indicates areas where explosive atmospheres containing a cloud of combustible dust will occur frequently or for extended periods.

• Zone 21 - indicates areas where explosive atmospheres containing a cloud of combustible dust will occur sometimes, but not extensively.

• Zone 22 - indicates areas where explosive atmospheres containing a cloud of combustible dust will occur infrequently or for short durations.


Belt Width 600mm 800mm 1,000mm 1,400mm
Length <200m <300m >300m >300m
Max Incline 20º 20º 20º 20º
Capacity 100TPH 200TPH 500TPH 850TPH
Drive Shaft mounted helical bevel | Geared motor unit  
Bearings Plummer block bearing | Flanged bearings 
Belt Options Antistatic| Fire resistant | Food safe | Oil resistant | Hard wearing    
Fans Spark free running | ATEX rated
Tension Unit  Below 50m - Tail tension unit | Above 50m - Gravity tension unit | Option: Winch tension unit    
Sensors  Speed switch | Pressure switch    
Optional Sensors  Blockage sensor | Flame sensor | Belt tracking    
Construction Materials Conveyor case and internals - stainless steel | Conveyor support structure - galvanised mild steel    
Explosion / Fire Protection Suppression units | Explosion vent panels | Deluge systems | Spray systems   
Conveyed Materials Dry bulky materials in the form of crumbs, grains, pellets, shreds, dust, powder, flake, or crushed products of bio-matter, sludge and aggregate    

Zone 20 internally - Zone 22 externally   

Features and Benefits

Lower Maintenance Cost
A cushion of air supports the belt, with less moving parts and minimal friction. Key components externally mounted.
Ease of access and significant savings in relation to; spare inventory needs, maintenance and costly downtime.
Increased Safety
Suspended on a air cushion, material is transported smoothly by the belt. Available ATEX certified. Fully guarded.
Minimised dust generation and reduction of associated risks. Minimal agitation and no spillage. CE marked for safety.
Guaranteed Quality
Over 100 years’ application experience. Manufactured by highly skilled technicians and welders.
Increased reliability and durability, with reduced maintenance costs.
Delivering Material Consistency
Fewer moving parts, and fully enclosed casing.
Lower contamination of the material and protection from the elements, dust and unwanted visitors (E.g. insects/rodents).
Seamless Installation
Modular designed as; head, tail, 3m intermediate and make-up casings.
Delivering ease of transportation, maneuverability and a seamless installation.
Aftermarket Support
Call out support, 24 hour help line, maintenance support, refurbishment service and spare part inventory.
Increased product life and avoidance of costly downtime, equating to long-term cost savings.