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Lump Breaker

Features & Benefits

Delivering material consistency to increase your operational efficiencies.

Robust design lasting performance and peace of mind engineered solution to compacted materials. Ideal for Sugar or granular, dry brittle materials

Lump breakers make processing easier, by eliminating blockages and improving product flow.

The Compact design allows integration in to a chute or conveyor discharge. Constructed from Stainless Steel, including paired counter rotating shafts options of arms or blades accurately indexed along their lengths, giving minimum clearance between the mesh to the desired maximum granular lump size.

Several feeds can be directed to the Lump Breaker such as: lump reject systems, conveyor discharge, silo discharge, screening systems and Vibration Systems.

Making processing far easier by ensuring a maximum granular lump size, coupled with minimal maintenance and reliable performance the Lump Breaker solves many problems of today’s modern Sugar Refining Processes.

Product is gravity fed into the top of the Lump Breaker the nature lumps are brittle and normally break on first impact from the fall. The surviving lumps are guided to the rotating shafts by guide bars.

The rotating action of the arms breaks the lumps to manageable pieces for further processing. The bottom of the lump breaker is open and attached to a chute to allow the broken material to pass seamlessly through on to the next process.

A rotation sensor is fitted at the non-drive shaft of the Lump Breaker to bring the drive to a stop in the event of rotation not being detected due to, for example, a overfeed or blockage.

Standard sized units 900mm x 595mm stainless steel plus fully ATEX rated.
Flange fitting for ease of installation with minimal chute adaptation.

ATEX Classification zones exist for explosive hazards like dust and fibres: -

• Zone 20 - indicates areas where explosive atmospheres containing a cloud of combustible dust will occur frequently or for extended periods.

• Zone 21 - indicates areas where explosive atmospheres containing a cloud of combustible dust will occur sometimes, but not extensively.

• Zone 22 - indicates areas where explosive atmospheres containing a cloud of combustible dust will occur infrequently or for short durations.

Size To suit requirements
Drive Shaft mounted helical bevel | Geared motor unit
Breaker Materials Blade or rod
Bearings Plummer block bearing | Flanged bearings
Sensors Speed switch
Construction Materials Stainless steel | Coated mild steel
Rod Type (dia) 300mm | Rod 6mm - 20mm
Blade Type (dia) 600mm
Minimum Arm Mesh Gap 8mm (between arms)
Maximum Speed 100RPM (<3m/s)
Maximum Feed 1000 TPH
Conveyed Materials Dry bulky materials in the form of crumbs, grains, pellets, shreds, dust, powder, flake, or crushed
products of bio-matter
ATEX Zone 20 internally - Zone 21/22 externally

Features and Benefits

Lower Maintenance Cost
Key components externally mounted.
Ease of access, significantly reducing costly downtime.
Increased Safety
Minimal external moving parts. Available ATEX certified. Fully guarded.
Reduction of risks associated with potentially explosive dust atmospheres and lower contamination. CE marked for safety.
Guaranteed Quality
Over 100 years’ application experience. Manufactured by highly skilled technicians and welders.
Increased reliability and durability, with reduced maintenance costs.
Delivering Material Consistency
Designed to break clumped materials and guarantee a maximum granular lump size.
Eliminates the risk of blockages and allows easier processing of material in downstream equipment.
Capacity Optimisation
Multiple inputs from screening systems, conveyor discharge, silo discharge & vibration systems.
Seamless integration to new or upgrade systems.
Aftermarket Support
Call out support, 24 hour help line, maintenance support, refurbishment service and spare part inventory.
Increased product life and avoidance of costly downtime, equating to long-term cost savings.