28th July, 2022

Robson Handling Technology were recently awarded a contract by Stansted Airport to expand an existing, temporary twelve desk shoreline system into a thirty-desk dual feed line solution feeding a new HBS sortation area with two new EDS machines. This new system was part of a move towards a reconfiguration of their island check in systems to a shoreline system to allow for future passenger growth whilst providing contingency for all the existing EDS systems.

As part of this solution, Robson Handling technology proposed several new technologies which provided Stansted Airport with a more efficient baggage system, with reduced power consumption, CO2 emissions and easier maintenance. Central to this solution was a distributed, single line installation controls architecture which de-risks the installation phase of the project, allows easier maintenance and facilitates the mobilisation of baggage operators. This, coupled with the Artificial Intelligence Human Intruder Detection system, vertical baggage lifts and camera based tag readers, made the solution technically intensive and relied on Robson’s expertise in integrating the very latest beneficial technologies into the baggage system.

A big thank you to London Stansted Airport Steve Radford, Marc Carter and David Thomas-Clay for the Video production and edit.

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