Increase your operational efficiencies with our engineered lump breakers solution for compacted materials, designed for robust performance and lasting peace of mind through material consistency.

Ideal for sugar or granular, dry brittle materials, our lump breakers make processing easier by eliminating blockages and improving product flow.

The compact design allows for easy integration into a chute or conveyor discharge, constructed from stainless steel with paired counter-rotating shafts and the option of arms or blades accurately indexed along their lengths for minimum clearance between the mesh and the desired maximum granular lump size.

Lump Breakers Features & Benefits
Designed to break down agglomerated materials

Into smaller, more manageable pieces

Durable construction and precision engineering

For reliable performance

Range of models available

To suit various throughput requirements and material types

Customizable options

For different material finishes and discharge options

ATEX rated where applicable
Improved product quality

Due to consistent sizing of materials

Increased efficiency

Reduced downtime in processing

Minimised waste and lower operating costs

Ensuring full utilisation of materials

Customisable options

To ensure specific requirements are met


Our lump breakers are suitable for several feeds, including lump reject systems, conveyor discharge, silo discharge, screening systems, and vibration systems.

With a maximum granular lump size, minimal maintenance, and reliable performance, our lump breakers provide a solution to many of the problems encountered in today's modern sugar refining processes.

Product Features
Product Features

The product is gravity-fed into the top of the lump breaker, with the nature lumps being brittle and typically breaking on the first impact from the fall.

The surviving lumps are guided to the rotating shafts by guide bars, and the rotating action of the arms breaks the lumps into manageable pieces for further processing.

The bottom of the lump breaker is open and attached to a chute, allowing the broken material to pass seamlessly through to the next process.


For ease of installation with minimal chute adaptation, our standard-sized units measure 900mm x 595mm and are made of stainless steel.

Additionally, our lump breakers are fully ATEX rated, with flange fittings for easy installation.

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