Looking for reliable sugar handling systems? Robson Handling Technology offers over 50 years of expertise in the sugar industry, providing a complete range of ATEX certified conveyor systems and products.

Our highly skilled design, manufacturing, and installation engineers can provide a complete solution, from individual conveyors to turnkey sugar factories.

Our handling solutions cater to various applications, including whole beet and wet pulp handling. We pay special attention to the design of flumes, de-watering screw conveyors, troughed belt conveyors, and chute work to ensure minimal degradation of the product. Our expertise also extends to raw and wet sugar handling, with cost-effective intake, storage, and retrieval systems designed for sugar refiners worldwide.

Whether you need stand-alone conveyors or a full turnkey sugar factory, Robson Handling Technology's sugar handling systems and products can help streamline your operations.

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Sugar Handling System Key Benefits
Complete range of ATEX certified conveyor systems and products

Designed for the sugar industry

Over 50 years of expertise and knowledge in the sugar industry
Highly skilled design, manufacturing, and installation engineers

Providing handling solutions for every application

Ability to deliver a range of conveyor solutions

From individual items to full turnkey sugar factories

Extensive experience in whole beet and wet pulp handling

Including careful attention to product layout and design

Knowledge of raw and wet sugar handling

Providing cost-effective intake, storage, and retrieval systems for sugar refiners worldwide

A safety-focused approach

To protect personnel and plant while conveying processed sugar

Safety First
Safety First

At Robson Handling Technology, safety is our top priority when conveying processed sugar.

Our ATEX certified conveyors feature sealed compartments to prevent dust escape and contamination, protecting both the plant and operatives.

Quality Design & Manufacture
Quality Design & Manufacture

We pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing well-engineered, well-built machinery that meets our customers' unique requirements.

Our flexible and solution-based approach has resulted in decades of successful, on-time, and on-budget project delivery, achieving total customer satisfaction through partnership and continuous improvement.


For the sugar industry, we offer ATEX rated conveying products designed to suit the power generation application and environment, with options available for use with flammable dusts and explosive atmospheres created by Biomass dust.

Our products range from Category 1 for Dust Zones 20 (Internal) to Category 3 for Dust Zones 22.

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Download our brochure

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