Robson Handling Technology has a dedicated team that specialises in designing and constructing bespoke screw conveyors, providing infinite choices in size, speed, material, and application.

The versatile design of screw conveyors allows for a variety of uses, such as conveying, mixing, feeding, elevating, and handling different materials including sugar, cement, biomass, effluent, sludge cake, food stuffs, animal feed, ash, refuge, glass cullet, granules, limestone, meals, salt, sand, wheat, and barley.

With Robson Handling Technology's bespoke construction, it is possible to have multiple infeeds and a single outfeed, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to reduce costs.

The heavy-duty construction of our Screw Conveyors ensures their robustness and reliability, which is critical for businesses looking to save on maintenance and replacement costs.

Screw Conveyors Features & Benefits
Efficient transport of materials

 Including powders, grains and bulk solids

Available in various sizes and configurations
Fully Customisable

To suit the specific needs of your business

Manufactured using high-quality materials

For durability and long service life

Designed to operate reliably in demanding environments
ATEX designs available where required
Cost-effective materials handling solution
Increased efficiency and productivity in your operations
Reduced risk of material spills and waste
Enhanced worker safety
Expert guidance and advice from our experienced team
Additional Products
Additional Products

In addition to screw conveyors, Robson Handling Technology has the capability to fabricate silos, bunkers, staging, structural steelwork, and all forms of conveyor equipment, providing a one-stop-shop for businesses looking to streamline their operations and reduce costs.


Our Screw Conveyors are available in ATEX rated designs for use in explosive atmospheres and flammable dusts, meeting the requirements of different hazard zones.

By providing ATEX rated solutions, Robson Handling Technology ensures the safety of its customers' operations and reduces the risk of costly accidents.

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