Robson Handling Technology has established a strong reputation as a leading provider of belt conveying solutions for bulk materials handling applications worldwide.

We have been able to overcome the challenges presented by the diversity of bulk products, their conditions, and the environments they are handled in, through exceptional design, quality, and environmental and safety compliance.

We use high-quality components such as drive motors, gearboxes, rollers, scrapers, and sensors sourced from recognized global brands, and is flexible to accommodate customers' requirements for specific brands.

The company can offer ultra-high-capacity trough belt conveyors with widths of up to 2000mm and capacities exceeding 3400 TPH. Robson Handling Technology can also provide bespoke solutions for specific project applications that few others can handle, as well as standard modular conveyor solutions.

Trough Belt Conveyors Features & Benefits
Exceptional design, quality, and environmental & safety compliance
High-quality components sourced from recognised global brands
Flexibility to accommodate specific brand requirements
Bespoke solutions for specific project applications
Standard modular conveyor solutions available
Suitable for conveying a wide range of products

Including explosive atmospheres and flammable dusts

ATEX-rated troughed and flat belt conveyors
Optional add-ons

To enhance the capabilities of the belt conveyors

A global market leader

With a reputation for meeting the challenges posed by varying conditions and environments

Exceptional capabilities

With ultra-high-capacity trough belt conveyors and belt widths up to 2000mm, and capacities in excess of 3400 TPH


To convey an extensive range of products from different industries

Compliance with ATEX Classification zones for explosive hazards
Weatherproof covered conveyors, enclosed gantries, and other add-ons

To enhance the conveyor's capabilities for various applications

Satisfied customers

Including major blue-chip companies worldwide

Wide range of products
Wide range of products

Our belt conveyors are suitable for conveying a vast array of products from various industries, including Sugar, Cement, Aggregates, Batch Glass, Environmental Waste, Alternative Fuels, Biomass, Worn Tyres, Clinker, Chalk, Flint, Slate, Limestone, Sandstone, Granite, Gypsum, Glass Cullet, Sand, Effluent Sludge Cake, Rubble, Food Stuffs, Animal Feeds, and Grain.


Robson Handling Technology offers ATEX-rated troughed and flat belt conveyors that can be used in explosive atmospheres and flammable dusts.

The conveyors can be classified into zones 20, 21, and 22 depending on the frequency and duration of the explosive atmospheres containing a cloud of combustible dust.

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Robson Handling Technology provides optional add-ons such as weatherproof covered conveyors, enclosed gantries, product weighing, tramp metal detection and removal, material sampling, inclined or declined troughed and flat belt conveyors, and side-walled belt conveyors.