Our free and simple to understand Energy Audit focuses on the following key areas of improvement, tailoring solutions to best reflect the needs of the client and optimize return on investment: 

  • Motor / Gearbox Selection IE3 – IE5 
  • Belt Selection for Reduction in Effective Pull 
  • System Utilisation  
  • Functional Adaptations including Conveyor ‘Run-On-Demand’ and Accumulation Techniques 
  • Electricity Tarif Management 
Simple to understand Energy Audits for your Baggage System
Simple to understand Energy Audits for your Baggage System

Our Energy Audit involves qualified engineers visiting your baggage system to assess all areas of the system’s energy usage. 

They will look at passenger check-in profiles, system capacity and utilisation, drive, motor and gearbox efficiencies, conveyor belts, and the system’s current deployed energy save methodologies. 

Finally, a thermal camera is used to detect heat and energy losses. 

We then provide recommendations to improve energy efficiency and offer an on-going service, either as a supplier leveraging their considerable baggage handling experience, or as a consultant assisting in the implementation of the energy saving solutions. 

The survey is tailored to YOUR system by a team that truly understand baggage handling. 

Cost Savings
Cost Savings

What savings can be achieved? 

There is no standard answer as this depends entirely on the specific details of your system, the devices deployed and the way in which they are operated, however: 

  • Motors can contribute to around a 30% reduction in energy consumption 
  • Belts can contribute to a reduction in excess of 15% 
  • System operability is a key focal point and adaptations can yield reductions in excess of 50% 

The Robson Energy Audit will show you where these savings reside and how to optimise spend to achieve the best possible return on investment.