Is your existing system running efficiently?

At Robson Handling Technology we offer a full existing system review which identifies any problem items and advises where the system and equipment can be enhanced or upgraded to ensure your system is running as efficiently and reliable as possible.

Simple questions that make a big difference: 

  • Is your site and system or equipment inefficient? 
  • Are your operating costs extortionate? 
  • Can the existing equipment be made more efficient? 
  • Do your operators lack the right training? 
  • Are you replacing the same part or parts time after time? 

If the answer is YES to any of these questions Robson’s can help. 


A full electrical and mechanical inspection can be arranged with your team to ensure your system is running to its optimum performance. 

Seamless integration and system upgrades are a reality with Robson Airport Baggage Handling Systems. 

Our bespoke designs maximise re‐use of existing conveyors and are adapted to local constraints and level fluctuations offer ‘best value’ solutions to all our clients.