At Robson Handling Technology, our airport transport system consists of belt conveyors that run an IE4/5 highly efficient motor. This provides a high speed bag delivery, accumulation, and conditioning, prior to injection onto the arrivals carousel to maximize the bag loading positions on the carousel.   

The ultimate for speed, flexibility, reliability, and efficiency, our range of airport transport system conveyors meet the needs of the most challenging airport sites and surroundings. 

Our airport transport system includes: 
Delivery Conveyors
Injection Conveyors
Queue Conveyors
Extended Queue Conveyors
Power Curves
Belt Conveyors
Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors are utilised in many baggage systems ranging from queuing conveyors to delivery conveyors.

They can be powder coated, galvanised, or have a Stainless-Steel finish. Modular units are all tailored to suit your application and environment.  

Powered Curves
Powered Curves

Powered curves are available in any angle from 30 to 180 degrees providing a smooth transition avoiding building columns and equipment.