Robson Handling Technology 24/7 Callout, Maintenance & Service Contracts & System Health checks provide preventative maintenance to airport departure and arrivals systems.

With ongoing support, which includes spares, services and maintenance, our maintenance packages are tailored in collaboration with your teams, meaning we are on hand to support you whenever you need us. 

The long-term stability of systems is vital for continued performance and that’s why we provide a specialist service and maintenance team with vast mechanical handling knowledge. 

Service Contracts
Service Contracts

To pro-actively ensure on-site continuity and optimum performance is achieved, we tailor our service contracts and offer planned break-down support. We work with you to ensure downtime and delays are minimal. 

All services and supplied spares are logged and recorded to enable real time tracking of the trends of your plant, and if certain elements are wearing more than others, we can predict other problems or show symptoms of other causes.

With our team of experienced engineers, we can interpret the symptoms and offer a long-term solution, rather than a short-term fix. 


Maintenance helps to keep your plant and site operating efficiently. When the plant is efficient, operating costs are minimal and performance and production is optimal. 

Asking yourself these simple questions can make a huge difference: 

  • Is your site and system / equipment inefficient? 
  • Are your operating costs extortionate? 
  • Do your operators lack the right training? 
  • Are you replacing the same part or parts time after time? 
  • Is lubrication often overlooked? 
  • Are spillages a common occurrence? 

If the answer is YES to any of these questions Robson’s can help! 

Condition Reporting
Condition Reporting

We offer a thorough inspection to provide condition reporting which can determine site problems and inefficiencies, and detailing machine parts that are showing symptoms of wear and end of life.  

This allows us to identify missing components and or guards covers or hatches, plus knowing when to check oil levels and temperature readings of bearings and gearboxes. 

Our engineer will then submit a report with recommendations of replacement parts, lubrication needs, service and or overhauls to you. The report can be used as a check list for maintenance departments or as evidence for future spend. 


Overhauls and upgrades of equipment are offered to increase product longevity and a cost-effective solution versus purchasing new equipment.  

Our refurbishment services include: 

  • Full electrical and mechanical inspection and overall ensuring all powered items are checked and validated to give optimum performance 
  • Conveyor belts renewed ensuring accurate delivery into the collection system 
  • IE 1/2 Geared motor units replaced with latest IE4/5 Highly efficient Motors