Robson Handling Technology has developed an airport transport system that utilises the latest technology in belt conveyor systems.

With IE4/5 motors providing a highly efficient, and high-speed, bag delivery services, conveyor transportation has never been so seamless.

The ultimate airport transport system for speed, flexibility, reliability and efficiency, the range of conveying products we have to offer have been designed to meet the needs of the event the most challenging airport sites and surroundings.

Our baggage handling conveyors provide a great combination of technical and operational expertise, meeting the individual requirements of the airport, such as higher speeds and larger capacities, whilst utilising existing space and meeting airport security requirements.

Baggage Handling
Our baggage handling range includes:
Collector Conveyors
Delivery Conveyors
Injection Conveyors
Queue Conveyors
Extended Queue Conveyors
Powered Curves
Belt conveyors
Belt conveyors

The belt conveyors utilised in many of our baggage handling systems range from queueing conveyors to delivery conveyors, and the modular systems are finished with a powder coating, galvanised or stainless steel finish to suit the aesthetics of your airport and its environment. 

Powered Curves
Powered Curves

Our Powered Curves are available in any angle from 30 to 180 degrees, and provide a smooth transition to avoid permanent building columns and equipment, meaning the airport transport system is built and installed to your exact specifications. 

The conveyors are built to provide maximum energy efficiency and minimal maintenance, with a modular system that can be re-adapted, re-used and recycled as future airport requirements dictate.