At Robson Handling Technology, we have years of experience in the integration of third-party airport equipment, such as EDS screening equipment, bag and tag recognition systems and sortation units.

Airports around the world have had to comply to the latest International Standards in respect of the Security Screening of all Hold Bags, and at Robson Handling Technology we’ve been integrating Security Screening equipment into baggage handling systems since the emergence of the requirement in the early 1980’s.   

Our experience in the Integration of all Screening Equipment Manufacturers means we have successfully integrated more than 200 machines worldwide, including the latest EDS Std3 equipment. 

The key to our success in the integration of these machines is the attention to bag conditioning and hygiene prior to its presentation to the EDS machine, ensuring optimum throughput, and reduced instances of BNA, and bag mis-tracks. 

Bag and Bag Tag Recognition 
An essential part of successful airport baggage handling is the ability to uniquely identify any bag. To ensure success Robson Handling Technology deploy and integrate different technologies, including:
Tag Reading

via. laser scanning technology, vision technology, or a combination of the two   

RFID technology 
Vision based differentiation technology  
Sortation Units
Sortation Units

With a requirement for several different criteria for airport sortation units, as well as a variety of sortation methods available on the market, the selection decision can be based on a number of factors, including performance requirements, or available space. 

However, irrespective of the selected product or technology, Robson Handling Technology US have the experience and capability to select the appropriate product and successfully integrate this into the final solution, regardless of whether this is for security purposes, general bag routing, or destination requirements.