Robson Handling Technology provide a complete range of airport check-in system options.

From conventional staffed check-in desks and bag-drop kiosks to fully self-service Bag Tag and Bag Drop units, including an option to deploy remote Bag Tagging facilities in off-airport locations.

Designed and built with the passenger experience in mind, our airport check-in systems are purposely designed augment a seamless and stress-free passenger journey. Our systems provide full track and trace functionality via an automated delivery system.

Using the latest automation technologies, our systems provide a range of benefits
Full Integration with the baggage handling system
State of the art designs to match the surrounding environment
Ergonomically friendly
Optimised use of space
User friendly operation
Easy servicing and maintenance
Bag Tagging in off-airport locations
Creating a positive passenger experience
Creating a positive passenger experience

Our airport check-in units provide:

  • Fast, accurate, and trouble-free check-in processing for passengers and their baggage
  • User friendly, easy to use self-service and remote tagging systems
  • Smart solutions dependent on passenger densities
  • Integrated bag delivery from other locations
Minimising stress
Minimising stress

By using Robson Handling Technology airport check-in solutions, passengers are able to minimize their time at check-in, reducing stress and enhancing their overall airport experience. Ideally a passenger's experience when visiting an airport should be welcoming, seamless, stress-free, and generally positive, allowing passengers to maximize their time in retail whilst proceeding to the designated boarding area.

In providing trouble free and efficient processing of passengers at check-in enables the airport to maximise the passenger retail exposure resulting increased airport revenues.