With self-check-in solutions becoming more popular in airports worldwide, Robson Handling Technology are working in collaboration with BBC Norway to deliver remote self-bag tagging and self-bag drop systems. The Tagomat® system provides a seamless remote or on-site self-service bag tagging solution, allowing passengers to print bag-tags in a touchless, simplistic, and efficient, socially distant manner.

Our battery powered and wireless Tagomat® tagging stations can be used in a variety of locations, such as airports, train stations, rental car buildings, hotels, convention centers, and parking lots, to offer a flexible service to the passenger, whilst reducing congestion and saving time having to queue at clustered kiosks within the airport itself.

Simply print, tag and drop to avoid the queuing to print a simple tag!

Self-check-in features and benefits
Minimal Maintenance

A modular and durable design, with freedom to move and locate around various remote locations

Easy to maintain and service

Guaranteed Quality

Manufactured by highly skilled engineers at Robson Handling Technology US

Durable and strong, extending the longevity of equipment

Innovatively Designed Solutions

Improving the passenger experience through increased convenience and ease of use

Saving valuable time and reducing delays at airport check-in stations

Improve Social Distancing

Providing a touchless passenger experience from airport check-in to bag drop

Reducing traditional queues at check-in

Increase Brand Awareness

Uniquely brandable to your logo and corporate guidelines

Upload and play bespoke video messages for the airport or airline on display


Remote Self Bag tagging - Battery powered, wireless units allow for easy transportation around different locations in the airport, hotels, bus stations, train stations.

Small footprint, taking up minimal space

Tagomat® - Remote bag tagging solution
Tagomat® - Remote bag tagging solution

To meet the ever changing requirements of the modern traveller, the Tagomat® bag drop systems simplify self-tagging by providing the airport with a mobile, and quick, bag tag solution.

Passengers can quickly scan their electronic boarding pass and get the bag tags in less than 10 seconds, providing a more seamless, and stress free, start to their journey.

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Once passengers have tagged their baggage with the Tagomat® bag tagging solution, they can self-drop their baggage at one of our Bagomat® bag drop systems.

The self-service bag-drop locations are fitted with automatic overhead scanners or hand held self-scanners, allowing passengers to drop their baggage on a fully integrated conveyor systems complete with weighing scales.

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Fast and easy bag drop
Fast and easy bag drop

The Tagomat® and Bagomat® systems enhances the passenger experience by providing that ‘ready to go’ feeling, allowing them to spend less time in non-commercial areas of the airport – a key financial benefit for airport operators.

Voted as a key solution to improve the modern-day airport experience, our self-check-in bag drop technology is:

  • Quick – bag tagging can be complete under 10 seconds
  • Intuitive – easy to use with electronic boarding passes
  • Mobile – small, wireless and movable
  • Fully customisable – to the individual needs of the airport
  • Increased safety and security – prevent incorrectly labelled baggage from entering the check-in system