At Robson Handling Technology, our fully automated airport sortation units provide greater system resilience, redundancy, and final destination, allowing baggage delivery from any check-in position to any make-up position, and anything in between.

When combined with the Robson Handling Technology belt conveyors, our high speed, flexible, reliable, and efficient airport sortation units are a necessity to provide total sortation and routing options throughout the baggage system.

There will be different routes for different requirements, depending on the desired sortation of goods and baggage, and where it needs to be diverted to within the airport.

Typical Routes
Our airport sortation units can provide:
Redundancy routing at airport check-in
Alternative bag routing options for load shedding, load sharing, and system resilience
Delivery to multiple EDS machines for load sharing or redundancy
Diverting to clearance or rejection of bags either to make-up or for further security checks
Re-injection of cleared baggage
Delivery to multiple make-up positions, carousels, chutes and roller tracks
Sortation Unit Products
Sortation Unit Products

High speed diverter units (HSD) 

A dual paddle system, diverting baggage at 45 degrees. 


A single paddle system, diverting baggage at 45 degrees. 


A single head system, diverting baggage at 90 degrees. 

Vertical Sortation Unit (VSU) 

A vertical diverter, routing bags from a single level source conveyor and despatching to one of two available route options via paddle conveyors, typically used for security separation of cleared and rejected bags. 

Sortation Unit Products
Sortation Unit Products

Vertical Merge Unit (VMU)  

A vertical merge, routing bags from two vertically segregated conveying sources and merging in to one single conveying route via paddle conveyors. 

Luffing Conveyor  

A luffing conveyor, diverting bags from a single source to one of two routes via a single conveyor, typically deployed as a single leaf merge unit.  


The tipper offers three alternative discharge points: straight forward, left and right. 

Tilt Tray  

The tilt tray sorter offers a flexible solution to mass sortation, based on an elevated discharge depositing bags from tilting trays to receiving chutes with options to final make-up presentation, either via chute or lateral conveyors.