The High Speed Diverters (HSD) Integration by Robson Handling Technology - Dual paddle system to divert baggage at 45 degrees.  

The horizontal conveyor surface and paddle assemblies allow for further diversion of airport luggage for further sortation as it passes through the full departure system.

The High Speed Diverter is available in both left-hand and right-hand configurations. It is also available in both US and International configurations depending on the specific requirements of the airport. 

The Specification
The Specification

The High Speed Diverter (HSD) includes a horizontal conveying surface, a pair of paddle assemblies on opposite sides of the conveying surface which are collinear when in the actuated position, along with a driven diverting surface on each paddle assembly. 

When set to divert, a signal is provided to the HSDII, allowing the mechanism to actuate the position of the paddles diagonally across the conveyor.  

The item to be sorted is then directed off the conveyor at a 45º departure angle.