Our experience with the integration of EDS Screening Machines means complying with international standards at airports all around the world can be met easily to uphold maximum security screening of all hold bags. 

Robson Handling Technology have been integrating security screening equipment into baggage handling systems since the 1980’s. Our experience lies within the integration of all Screening Equipment Manufacturers, where we have integrated over 200 machines to the latest EDS Std3 requirements, across the US and the world. 


The key to our success with the integration of these machines is the attention to bag conditioning, and bag hygiene, prior to its presentation to the EDS machine.

This ensures optimum throughput, and reduced instances of BNA and bag mis-tracks.   

Who we work with
Who we work with

Robson Handling Technology US work in collaboration with a wide range of EDS security machine manufacturers, including:  

  • Smiths Detection  
  • Leidos  
  • Rapiscan  
  • Reveal  
  • Nuctech