The ultimate baggage belt conveyor for speed, reliability and efficiency is available from Robson Handling Technology to meet the needs of the most challenging airport sites and surroundings. 

Our baggage handling conveyors are constructed from a pressed slider bed using mild steel plate for durability. Conveyor casings are jig built to ensure sections are square and interchangeable. 

The conveyor tension gear is guarded with painted mild steel plate guards or mesh, with all nip points fitted with painted and punched mild steel plate guards. 

Features and Benefits of Baggage Belt Conveyors
Lower Maintenance Cost

Modular and durable in design

Make significant savings in relation to spare part inventory requirements and costly downtime

Increased Safety

Fully guarded to prevent access to moving parts

Increasing operator safety

Guaranteed Quality

With decades of airport experience, our baggage belt conveyors are manufactured by highly skilled engineers

Durability and longevity of equipment, equating to lower maintenance costs

Innovatively Designed Layout Solutions

Dynamic, efficient baggage handling systems designed specifically for compact and complex spaces

Delivering solutions within budget, hand in hand with increased Airport efficiency

Reduced Lead-Time

Flexible and responsive to meet tight project deadlines

Causing minimal disruption to on-going airport operations

Aftermarket Support

Call out support, 24 hour help line, maintenance support, refurbishment service and spare part inventory as standard

Increased product lifecycle and avoidance of costly downtime, equating to long-term cost savings

The specification
The specification

The conveyors are driven by shaft mounted geared motor units complete with torque arm fixings and a flame retardant belt in accordance with ISO 340. 

All drive frames, joint flanges and equipment fixings are fabricated from rolled mild steel flat and pressed sections. 

Baggage belt conveyors are supplied with conveyor belts suitable for factory or site vulcanising. 

With a punched mild steel plate to the underside of the baggage conveyors, they are (where required) hinged on one side and fitted with budget locking devices or mesh under guard. 

Our standard airport conveyor products include:  

  • Collector Conveyors  
  • Injection Conveyors  
  • Receiving Conveyors  
  • Queue Conveyors  
  • Extended Queue  
  • Conveyors Standard Conveyors 
The ultimate baggage belt conveyor
The ultimate baggage belt conveyor

The Robson Handling Technology baggage belt conveyor is the ultimate product in airport baggage handling. 

Our uncompromised product and service delivery includes: 

  • Modular design with interchangeable components 
  • Fast Delivery 
  • Maximise container / lorry space – Easily flat packed for simplistic and efficient loading 
  • Easier / Faster to install and maintain on site 
  • Constructed from pressed 2.5mm thick mild steel plate
  • Jig built to ensure conveyor sections are square and interchangeable 
  • Conveyor guards, fabricated from laser cut mild steel plate, prevent access to rotating equipment or personnel entrapment points 
  • Mesh panels to the underside of conveyors hinged on one side and fitted with a locking device
  • Head and Tail pulleys with a 124mm diameter are short faced complete with static shrouds 
  • All conveyors are driven by shaft mounted geared motor unit complete with torque arm fixing 
  • All bearings are grease lubricated, self-aligning, single row, ‘Y’ – type, anti-friction and sealed 
  • Bearing selection is based on 50,000 hours under the duty load operating condition 
  • Belt tension adjustment is provided via a screw tension gear 
  • Conveyor belts consist of 2 ply polyester monofilament fibre with the lower ply of spun fabric to produce a low noise characteristic 
  • Horizontal conveyors fitted with smooth top conveyor belting 
  • Flame retardant conveyor belt in accordance with ISO 340
  • All conveyors supplied with conveyor belts suitable for factory or site vulcanising 
  • PEC Brackets / Speed Sensor Brackets are provided 
Collector Conveyor
Collector Conveyor

The Collector Conveyor is a specialized conveyor used in public areas to receive bags from customer side back to airside. The conveyor is stainless steel clad for public view, has the minimum number of fastenings exposed, and generally high stainless steel side guard to rear.  

Engineered as a standard product and configured to suit specific project requirements for new and existing systems, the Collector Conveyor is designed to provide lasting performance at a low cost.  

  • Designed and developed for quiet operation  
  • Easy access for maintenance  
  • Configurable to suit building layout and system design requirements  
  • Attractive, seamless, ergonomic design  
  • Minimal fasteners show 
Delivery Conveyor
Delivery Conveyor

The Delivery Conveyor System provides a simple yet robust and effective method of transporting baggage throughout an airport facility.  

Engineered as a standard product and configured to suit specific project requirements for new and existing systems, the System design provides lasting performance at a low cost.  

Easily integrates with queuing units, merges, curves, spirals, and other equipment.  

Accommodates horizontal, inclines and declines.  

Modular units are configurable to suit building layout and system design requirements


Queue Conveyor
Queue Conveyor

The Queue Conveyor module is a short conveyor module designed to index, queue or separate baggage on a sortation line or system. It has a drive, tail and belt. This allows the module to function as an independent conveyor where necessary.  

The Queue Conveyor is designed to interface with the Delivery conveyor acting as an index or queueing device.  

The Queue Conveyor is of modular design and construction for ease of installation and integration into existing systems. The Queue Conveyor has the following design features:  

  • Designed for metering baggage throughput and/or creating baggage separation.  
  • Standard length is designed to meet most baggage handling requirements; unit can be customized upon request.  
  • Optional control systems vary conveyor speed and the number of stop/starts for various applications.