Robson Handling Technology offers both Flat / Inclined airport carousels for make-up and reclaim areas. Both provide an endless surface, robustly constructed and flexible in design.

We deliver maximum safety and user friendly features in galvanised, powder coated or stainless steel finishes.

A combination of straight and radiused sections gives the Robson Handling Technology airport carousels the flexibility to form different types of shapes such as T, U, O, and L. Most shapes can be accommodated depending on available space at the airport. 

Features and Benefits
Lower Maintenance Costs

A modular and durable design

Providing significant savings in relation to spare part inventory requirements and costly downtime

Increased Safety

Comprising of overlapping flexible rubber slats, the airport carousel conveying surface is supported on the underside by steel carriers

A user friendly surface eliminates finger traps, whilst having a strong support system to withstand heavy luggage

Guaranteed Quality

Robson Handling Technology US has decades of airport experience, with products manufactured by highly skilled engineers

Durable and long-life equipment equates to lower maintenance costs

Innovatively Designed Layout Solutions

A combination of straight and radiused sections provides the flexibility to accommodate the available space within the airport

More innovative layout designs results in complex and compacted spaces, providing greater throughput and efficiency

Reduced Lead-Time

Flexible and responsive to meet tight project deadlines

Providing minimum disruption to on-going airport operations

Aftermarket Support

24 hour help line, maintenance support, refurbishment service and spare part inventory as standard

Increasing the product lifecycle and avoiding costly downtime equates to long-term cost savings

Increased safety
Increased safety

With a nominal speed of 0.45 metres per second, and with all fixings and fittings internal to the casing. With no protruding items and integral kick plates, this ensures maximum safety of all users, baggage handlers and passengers. 

The conveying surface comprises of overlapping flexible rubber slats, supported on the underside by steel carriers, providing a user friendly surface to eliminate finger traps, whist having a strong support system able to withstand heavy luggage. 

With a choice of finishing materials, the Robson Handling Technology airport baggage handling flat carousel is ideal for land side or air side service. They are available with caterpillar chain or friction drive units to suit specific customer requirements.  

Flat Carousel
Flat Carousel

The Flat Carousel is a versatile baggage conveyor consisting of crescent shaped pallets linked together to form an endless flat conveying surface.  

The Flat Carousel is equally suitable for baggage claim and baggage make-up functions in medium density airport terminals. 

  • Durable design for years of smooth, quiet, continuous operation with minimal maintenance.  
  • Modular construction to achieve a variety of configurations and layouts.  
  • Urethane coated steel or composite core pallets provide a self-healing surface for long lasting aesthetics.  
  • Brushed stainless steel or powder coated steel trim.  
Inclined Carousel
Inclined Carousel

The Inclined Carousel is a high-capacity slope-face baggage conveyor. The Slope Plate is equally suitable for baggage claim or baggage make-up functions in high density airport terminals.  

Inclined Carousels can be arranged to receive baggage from a feed conveyor at a point on the inside trim. The unit can be fed automatically via belt conveyor(s) and operated continuously at 90 feet per minute.  

The SP is of modular design and construction for ease of installation and reconfiguration. The inclined slat device is constructed from articulating slats/carriages forming a continuous, rotating, sloped surface.  

The inclined face loop conveyor is available in a variety of layouts. It is ergonomically designed and ideal for remote feed options