The Pusher Unit from Robsons Handling Technology designed to push pre-selected bags off the main conveyor to an alternative route, rigidly constructed and mounted.

The Robson Pusher Diverter is a compact solution to diverting luggage within the Airport Baggage Handling Conveyor System. Providing fast action to divert bags 90° to other conveyor lines.

The pusher is designed to push bags off at a maximum rate of 45 bags per minute rigidly constructed and mounted to withstand impact from a maximum specified single bag weight at the belt speed. The pusher is mounted on a fabricated frame complete with shock absorbing feet.

The pusher is deployed by a 2.2 kW geared motor unit. The output shaft of the geared motor unit is equipped with a timing belt pulley which drives a pair of drive pulleys via a timing belt tensioned by two spring loaded devices.

Each drive pulley is connected to a drive shaft which runs in upper and lower bearings and at the lower end connects to a pivot arm via upper and lower locking nuts. The other end of each pivot arm runs in a pair of bearings mounted in the pivot arm located over a pivot pin.

The pivot pin is welded to the pusher arm and one pusher arm connects to the pusher blade by a metalastic bush and the other pusher arm is welded to the pusher blade. The face of the pusher blade is covered with a damping/isolation pad. The Horizontal Pusher is suitably guarded with both weld mesh and mild steel plate guarding as appropriate.

Features & Benefits
Lower Maintenance Cost

Durable design with a smooth action pushing mechanism.

Reduced ‘wear and tear’ and lower life time maintenance costs.

Increased Safety

Guarded to prevent access to moving parts.

Increased operator safety.

Guaranteed Quality

Decades of airport experience. Manufactured by highly skilled engineers.

Durability and longevity of equipment, equating to lower maintenance costs.

Innovatively Designed Layout Solutions

Design of dynamic, efficient baggage handling systems for compact and complex spaces.

Delivering solutions within budget, hand in hand with increased airport efficiency.

Reduced Lead-Time

Flexibility and responsiveness to meet tight project deadlines.

Minimum disruption to ongoing airport operations.

Aftermarket Support

Call out support, 24 hour help line, maintenance support, refurbishment service and spare part inventory.

Increased product life and avoidance of costly downtime, equating to long-term cost savings.

The Specification
The Specification


1850mm x 875mm


Mild Steel


Galvanised / powder coated to customers specified RAL


30 BPM


Geared Motor Unit 3kW

Drive Mechanism

Drive sprockets and Timing Belt

Pusher Pad Reach

850mm - 1000mm

Emergency Control

Estops - Pullwires - Light Curtain - Interlocks - Hand Safes - Restricted Access Guards